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At WADO, we understand that quality, reliability, and a competitive edge are the keys to success in the food industry. Developing private label programs for national and regional retailers requires the utmost attention and diligence for every aspect of the supply chain. Having a comprehensive understanding of food safety and quality controls are necessary. We partner with leading suppliers both domestic and international, that have the most advanced and up-to-date quality credentials; with a proven track record of supplying the strictest of markets.

For the US market this means being well informed and proactive with FSMA requirements. We stay on top of pesticide and food legislation in our export markets too to be sure our suppliers meet all necessary requirements.

Consistency and attention to detail is crucial to a smooth flow of business. We stay “on top of it,” proving to be a true asset to both our suppliers and customers in the development and carrying out of business.

Our company model is very direct and competitive. For business to be sustainable, it has to be competitive. With our experience and connections in logistics, we work hard to seek out advantages in freight to get your product directly to the end user. With a wide network of quality suppliers and buyers, our goal is to assist both in reaching your targets and creating long lasting, meaningful business. Our belief is that the best sourcing strategy is built with an eye to your long term business objectives along with competitive pricing. Whether that means finding new products or ingredients to grow your catalog or providing alternative origins to reduce the risks of depending on one region, WADO will work with you on your unique position with the goal of growing together.

We are passionate and driven by what we do and we are thrilled to partner with you!

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Product Development

We work closely with Category Managers, Import Managers, and R&D personnel in developing new products and supporting your unique visions for growth. We spend a lot of time with chefs in their test kitchens, sampling new products, formulating new recipes, and generating new ideas. We stay “in tune” with new trends and movement within the food world to be constantly seeking out the next great product to present to you.

Whether it be developing a new category, finding items to compliment an existing category, or evolving your current products to best suit changing demographics; our mission is to collaborate and help you meet and exceed your goals.

Sales Force

Do you want to sell more?

We work with your team to understand your products and operations in order to grow your market share and enhance sales to reach untapped regions.

We have an established and diverse customer base and are always working to expand and grow our customer relations. Our network spans throughout North/Central/South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceana. Buyers range from being the leading supermarkets/hypermarkets of the country or region as well as reputable importers, distributors, and industrial players of various size and focus.


It's all about timing, quality, confidence, and competiveness. With our extensive knowledge and experiences of varying markets, products, and industries, it is our goal to bring to you the most viable options to fulfill your needs. Whether you are in need of a secondary source to spread out risk, looking for a more competitive option to improve your bottom line, or searching for a hard to find item to add to your product line, we pride ourselves in being your go-to procurement specialists.


Did we mention we like to move food? Our extensive network of vessel companies, brokers and truckers will help move your frozen and dry goods to your door. We understand competitive pricing helps you win business and improve your bottom line. We continually seek out advantages in rates making your business the most competitive.

For US Imports we serve as the FSVP Importer of Record for our International suppliers, preparing and carrying out our detailed and concise Foreign Supplier Verification Program.

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